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Scott Knauer
October 30, 2019 | Scott Knauer

Halloween Wine and Candy Pairings from Enchantment Vineyards

The thrill of spilling out the evening's Halloween candy pull across the dining room table is quite different for parents. As your child surveys their loot from the neighborhood, savvy parents begin eyeballing their favorites and stake their claim in a so-called parent tax. This year, make this practice even more enjoyable (to you) as you generously teach your children that sharing is a noble virtue! Here are some of our favorite wine and candy pairings, because wine pairings don't (and shouldn't) always be snobby. And remember: these wine pairings are for ghosts and ghouls aged 21 and over!

Snickers and Syrah

Let's face it: Snickers is a mature candy bar that packs a punch. That's why we like pairing it up with a wine with some bite! Let the richness of our Syrah pull out the intense flavors of chocolate, nougat, and peanuts.

Butterfinger and Chardonnay

As with anything fatty, creamy, or buttery, Bart Simpson's favorite candy bar is immensely improved when paired with our Reserve Chardonnay. You may never look at Butterfingers the same again.

Skittles (or Smarties) and Sunset Rosé

Our dry Sunset Rosé is a colorful way to accentuate the tartness of candies like Skittles or Smarties. You may also wish to try it with Sour Skittles and Nerds. The tart candies will help pull out notes of raspberry or plum.

Reese Peanut Butter Cups and Pinot Noir

The king of all Halloween candy to many, we can't help but have one or two extra Reese Peanut Butter Cups anyway, regardless of when paired with our Double Gold Pinot Noir. The candy's rich flavors will play nicely with the wine's fruit flavors and earthy qualities.

PayDay and Chambourcin

PayDay is a uniquely polarizing candy bar. Love it or hate it, we think you ought to give it another chance the next time you're enjoying a glass of dry, red Chambourcin wine grown in New Mexico. Let's face it: when you're indulging in a candy bar, sometimes you want to make the perfect excuse and go with an option like a PayDay. Like our previous pairing of Pinot Noir and Reese Cups, the duo of PayDay and Chambourcin celebrate two earthy flavors together.

Jolly Ranchers and Cacti White Semi-Sweet Blend

The wild fruit flavors of our Cacti White Semi-Sweet Blend are all over the map, which made this wine pairing easy. Jolly Ranchers offer dozens of flavor combos while you sip. Shake it up and try your next glass with our favorites: Green Apple or Pink Lemonade, in our most colorful wine pairing yet.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Enchantment Vineyards. May your treks for candy be warm, safe, and sweet.

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