Our Story

We are an adventurous family who shares many passions including wine, travel, the southwest, and spending time together. We have absolutely fallen in love with the stories and pride of so many multi-generational vineyards we have visited. They are a labor of love, a gathering place for friends, and a chance to share in an enduring art form. Beautiful in their own right, vineyards are an opportunity to get back to nature and make something exquisite. As a family, we wanted to make something just as special here in the Land of Enchantment for you to enjoy.

Enchantment Vineyards family photo

It started as a dream during a trip to California wine country that turned into thoughts of, “could we?”  We sent in soil and water samples. We met with several experts in the field. We examined wine conditions and temperature fluxuations. We learned that grape farming is sustainable and prevents erosion. Along the way, we learned that New Mexico is the oldest wine growing region in the United States. The more we tried to talk ourselves out of this dream, the more we realized it could actually be a success.

We planted our first five acres of grapes in May 2015. It was a leap of faith and one we are so glad we made.  

It is truly our honor to share a bit of New Mexico enchantment with you. Please join us as we toast to family and friends! We hope you can taste the passion that we've put into every bottle.