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April 26, 2018 | Enchantment Vineyards

7 Wine Gift Basket Ideas to Put to Use

Wine Gift BasketFinding the right gift for someone you care about isn't always easy. In fact, sometimes it's frustrating and overwhelming. Don't worry, there's a solution.

If you want a thoughtful gift for a birthday, wedding or a business associate, give a wine gift basket. You can personalize it to match each person's individual preferences.

A gift basket is versatile enough to give to your best friend, parents, boss or neighbor. You can fill it with wine and food, plus special touches that match the recipient's interests.

Keep reading for ideas that work in many gift-giving situations.

Consider Your Budget

You don't have to overspend at an expensive boutique. You can make a one-of-a-kind gift to suit everyone on your list from Mom to a business acquaintance.

First, choose your wine. It's the main focus in a wine gift basket, so choose something special. If possible, include a variety of red, white and rose wines.

If you know the wine your recipient prefers, include a favorite wine. Add another bottle of a wine that's new to him or her.

The Basket

You'll need a container to present your gift. The type of basket or container will set the theme. A picnic basket is great for someone who loves the outdoors. A colander works for a gourmet cook.

Try to choose a functional container that's an extension of the gift. A colorful tub can be filled with ice for parties. An insulated cooler, decorative shopping tote, and serving platter are good examples.

Keep in mind that the size of the container affects how many items you'll put in it, and your budget.

After you choose the wine and container add more items to create a thoughtful present.

Need ideas? Keep reading!

What's the Occasion?

The next step is to consider the occasion. If you're going to a party, make the basket something a host can open and share. If it's a birthday or wedding gift, fill the basket with items you know the recipient enjoys.

Here are seven ideas for gift baskets.

1. Mother's Day

Pamper Mom on her day with special treats. Fill a basket with a bottle of red, a bottle of white, and a variety of delicious treats. Put chocolate truffles, fresh nuts, cheese, and crackers in the basket. Don't forget the wine glasses.

You can serve Mom her goodies in a leather tray, woven basket or decorative ceramic dish she'll use all year long.

Customize the basket to suit your Mom's interests. Does she like to garden? Add bright garden gloves and a sunhat. Choose unbreakable wine glasses she can use outside. Use a large decorative flower pot as the container.

2. Newlyweds

Want to give the happy couple a unique gift? Forget the usual check and give them a personalized wine gift basket.

Start with an engraved wine box. It makes a lovely keepsake for the couple. You can find a wine box locally and have it engraved, or buy one online. Engrave the box with their names and wedding date. You can find wine boxes that hold one, two or three bottles. Make this the centerpiece of your gift.

Next, add custom etched wine glasses. Commemorate the special day with monogrammed glasses. Use their new initials, Mr. and Mrs., or the wedding date. Or, you can choose a greeting or quote for their lives together.

Add wine charms, a picture frame, corkscrew, and wine stopper. Package everything in an elegant basket or box with decorative packing materials.

3. Business Associates

Wine gift baskets work well for business contacts. Personalize the basket to fit the situation.

Are you trying to win a new client? Present the wine in a branded container to keep your company top of mine with your potential client. You can include promotional items like branded wine openers or stemless wine glasses.

Do you want to thank someone for their business? A wine gift basket shows a client you appreciate them. Fill the basket with a variety of wine, cheese, and crackers.

If you send it to a place of business, make sure the gift includes shareable items for other employees. Individual sized peanuts, chocolates or pretzels are a good idea. Don't forget to include extra branded items.

4. Wine Novice

Have someone on your gift list who wants to learn about wine? A wine gift basket is a perfect way to introduce them to the wonderful world of wine.

Start with several bottles of different wine. Include cheese and crackers that pair well with each wine. It's best to save complex wines like Cabernet Sauvignon for later. Choose a Pinot Noir for beginners.

Include a book that covers the basics. Here's the Wall Street Journal's list of the best wine books for beginners.

Want to take your gift up a notch? Add a private wine tasting. Most vineyards offer private tasting sessions for groups of 8 to 50 people. The tasting includes guidance and education by a wine expert.

Finally, include a wine journal for your wine newbie to record tasting notes.

5. Gadget Lover

If you have a gadget lover on your list, you can fill a gift basket with fun and useful wine-related items.

There are plenty of wine tools and accessories to personalize a gift. Wine openers vary from simple corkscrews to legacy wine openers used by collectors. Each one is available at a different price point.

Gadgets can include foil cutters, aerators, and coolers. How about a wine thermometer or combination bottle lock?

Each item is available in a variety of styles. You're certain to find something that appeals to your gadget lover.

6. Holidays

Raising a glass to toast holidays is a long-standing tradition. Whether it's a romantic, religious or patriotic holiday, a gift basket adds to the event.

You can fill a basket with fine wines, cheese, chocolate, and other gourmet treats. Add small gifts, ornaments or wine glass charms in holiday colors to add to the theme.

Give a gift baskets on Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Put the wine and goodies in a holiday-themed container and you'll have a gift everyone will remember.

7. Gourmet Cook

Need a gift for a gourmet cook? No problem. Use a pretty baking dish as your basket.

Arrange an assortment of wine and foods in the dish. Choose a variety of gourmet staples like olive oil and spices, or gather ingredients for a recipe. Don't forget to include a recipe card.

Add colorful utensils or a kitchen gadget. Include something indulgent for the cook to enjoy while making the meal. Try fancy chocolates, gourmet cheese, and crackers, or a Kiss the Cook wine glass.

Try Enchantment Vineyards for Your Wine Gift Basket

A personalized gift basket is a thoughtful present. Enchantment Vineyards can help you choose the right wines to complement your gift.

We can arrange a wine tasting party or a Wine Club membership for an extra special gift.

Contact Enchantment Vineyards today. We're ready to help you create a memorable wine gift basket for any occasion.


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