Scott Knauer
November 25, 2019 | Scott Knauer

Fun Thanksgiving Recipes with Red Wine

Thanksgiving is here, and it’s our favorite time of year to explore new recipes, unique ingredients, flavors, and wine pairings. We scoured Pinterest for some unique recipes that incorporate wine to bring some unique flavors to your table this fall.

Cranberry sauce made with red wineMake your cranberry sauce the star this year rather than one of those dishes that gets passed around the table too rapidly. What’s the secret? We love this recipe from the blog A Dash of Megnut. Megan’s advice is to use a quality wine that you love to drink to impart its flavors into the sauce. Our recommendations are to bring out the tartness of the cranberries with a sweet wine like Rising Red, or our Chambourcin to give it a more dry, savory flavor.

Bring something new to your table this year by including a fall favorite like fresh figs. Food blogger Samantha Ferraro, who writes at, has a fantastic recipe to serve with your charcuterie boards before the main dinner. Your favorite red wine will amplify this dish, but also give it a unique flavor. We recommend Traveler Red, our semi-sweet, semi-dry blend for the perfect balance with sweet figs.

Garlic mushrooms sautéed with red winFinally, for a dish with more umami richness, we went for the garlic and buttery goodness of red wine and garlic mushrooms, a recipe from Drag It Through the Garden.  The beauty of this recipe, like the others, is you can impart the flavors of your favorite dry red wine. For a buttery dish like this, we would go for our bold Cabernet Sauvignon. For special occasions, go big or go home, right?

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! If you need an extra holiday outing with all of your family and loved ones in town, we will be open Wednesday, November 27, closed for Thanksgiving, then open again on Friday and Saturday. Come see us!


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